10kwh 48V 200AH akumulator słoneczny akumulator litowo-jonowy

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Tagi: pompa ciepła, 48V, Bateria LiFePO4 12v 200ah lifepo4, 10 kw * h, Akumulator litowo 200ah, 6000 W 48 220 W Czysty sinusoidalny inwerter, 48v 200ah, Lifepo4 48v, żywotność baterii lifepo4, maszt jastrychy 3000.


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This is a 7.5 kw Battery not a 10 kw battery as advertise,it only charges up to 55 volts and discharges to 48 volts ,we put 1000kw of load to it and the battery shut off after 5.7 hours, this is not even the standard for a 7.5 kw battery,they will take it back but YOU get hung for the shipping, ALIEXPRESS agreed with me in the dispute as the documents you receive with the battery say that it is a 7.5 kw Battery,the help you get from the High Quality Products Store is a joke, STAY AWAY!!