【AniHut】Minato Yukina Wig BanG Dream! Cosplay Peruka Syntetyczna Fioletowy Kobiece Włosy Anime Бандори Cosplay Minato Yukina Garnitur

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Tagi: cosplay СНК, killua anime cosplay peruka, Azur Lane, Kunai Naruto, kostium, вайфу, Bang marzenie cosplay, Ari cosplay lol, wybuch marzenia, cosplay Tokyo ghul Toucas.


  • Długość: 80cm/31.49in
  • Typ Towaru: Akcesoria
  • Nazwa Działu: Dorosły
  • Materiał: Syntetyczny
  • Postacie: Minato Юкина
  • Składniki: peruka
  • Specjalne Zastosowanie: Kostiumy
  • Przypadek: Cosplay
  • Typ Źródła: Anime
  • Obwód Głowy: 50-60cm
  • Kolor: Fioletowy
  • Typ Produktu: cosplay peruka
  • Numer Modelu: Bach Marzenie!
  • marka: Анихут
  • Anime: Bach Marzenie!
  • Damska peruka: Minato Юкина
  • Podłoga: Unisex

My daughter was very happy with the quality of this wig. I don't know much about them but she said that is was far better than what she had expected. The delivery was too late for Halloween but she loves cosplay so I know it will get much use now and in the future with her Yukina costume. I will happily be purchasing from this seller again as I was very happy with the packaging. This came in a box packaged well so the wig was in perfect condition on receipt. Thank you and I hope to order more